Ingot Robotics Services

We build tools and infrastructure to improve robotics software developer productivity.

Developer Tools

We will work with you to customize your tools and process, building a development workflow so that your developers and engineers can focus on creating your product not on fighting misconfigurations. We build tooling that standardizes robot and developer setup to speed on-boarding of new colleagues.

We work in ROS, Git, Docker, Ansible, Bash, and Jenkins, but we're always keeping an eye out for new and better tools.


We will help you build a flexible CI/CD pipeline that improves development time by finding integration and algorithm bugs early. Run more tests and spend less time testing.

The probabilistic nature of modern robotics algorithms means a single test is no longer sufficient for determining code verification and validation.

Robot UX

We can help you identify your users and customers and develop interfaces that them smile.

Team Management

We have experience managing globally distributed teams of 35+ software developers and robotics engineers. We can support you to build dynamic and collaborative engineering teams, which are the key to getting your product built on-time and to-spec.

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